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Memoto: Capture Every Moment of Your Life

21 June 2013

Memoto, known as the “life logging camera”, has gained publicity for taking self-documentation to the next level. There are many critiques of the system and the overall goal of documenting your whole life. However, I want to focus on the benefits when talking about this revolutionary idea.

Framework – Your Simplistic Lifestyle Brand

21 June 2013

In order to differentiate yourself as a lifestyle brand, you have to be in touch with your vision and more importantly stick with it. Framework, a UK brand, is built on the values ‘less is more’ and their products live and breathe it. Beautifully designed and with an emphasis on quality, Framework is an emerging…

Wi-fi That Is Meant To Be Shared – Karma

19 June 2013

Most data plans are costly and often bulky, making accessing your information whilst away from your home broadband a real struggle. New York startup Karma has set out to revolutionise the way in which we use and share data. With Karma, you pay for data as you go, and take it with you on your 4G mobile hotspot….

How Adobe Will Change Digital Drawing

19 June 2013

Adobe, well know for their creative suite of software and now the creative cloud, has recently announced a plan to introduce hardware. They aren’t just coming out with accessories for their software alone, instead they plan to change how designers and creatives visually communicate. With a combination of a stylus and ruler (with possibly more tools to come), Adobe…

Groovboard – A Comfortable Way To Use Your Tablet

17 June 2013

The GroovBoard is a simple yet innovative design by Thomas Borowski designed to make that ‘sofa surfing’ experience so much more natural. The GroovBoard gives you several options for using your iPad comfortably with or without an external keyboard, with a stylus, on your couch or easy chair, in bed or at a desk or table.

Points: The Ultimate Interactive Sign

15 June 2013

Boasting a smart monochrome design, seamless 360° rotation and an endless array of potential suitors, New York-based Design & Engineering Company Breakfast  have recently launched, what they are calling “the most advanced sign on Earth” named, Points.

‘Smarter’ Billboards from IBM

06 June 2013

Through their ‘Smarter Cities’ project, American technology company IBM have sought to create innovative solutions to common problems, with the hope of improving the standard of every day living in cities, helping their residents become ‘smarter’.

Transform Any Bike Into A Smart Bike

29 May 2013

Bikes tend to have a reputation of being unsafe and unclear when on the road. Helios is a product built to make riding beautiful whilst being integrated with great technology to make your ride a safe experience. The product consists of handlebars that have integrated lights, bluetooth, and GPS connectivity to fundamentally change the way you get around.

An Ergonomic Solution to Sitting

21 May 2013

Office Chairs can often be unsupportive and promote bad posture at home and at the workplace. Designed for today’s active users, Buoy is a seat designed by Turnstone that is designed to move as you do. Buoy swivels, turns, tilts, and moves up and down, mirroring the movement of your hips and posture.

A Minimal Revisit To The Pocket Watch

13 May 2013

This stunning Pocket Watch designed by People People is grabbing the attention of many with its super minimal approach. The designers behind the watch made a deliberate choice to develop a pocket watch rather than a wristwatch, the preferred modern approach of keeping time. They aimed to cite the evolution of the timepiece to primarily a personality…

Introducing ‘Little Printer’

10 May 2013

This pint-sized printer allows you to publish content that’s important to you. Syncing to a cloud service, you are able to subscribe to local news papers, magazines, social media, and even puzzles to keep your brain sharp.