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Temporary Tattoo-Styled ‘Biostamp’ Electronic Health Monitors

03 May 2013

What are currently being described as “epidermal electronics” (or ‘technology for the skin’ to you and I) a brand new method of health monitoring has been invented, potentially eradicating the need for large, wired machinery in hospitals. American Materials Scientist, John Rogers and his electronics company, MC10 have created a ‘Biostamp’ which is implemented in the form…

Faraday: Classic Bike, Innovative Design

02 May 2013

Using classic European delivery bikes as inspiration, the Faraday combines innovative technologies to create a revolutionary bicycle. In passing, the Faraday might just seem like an ordinary bike with a hint of style, but housed within the frame is a battery and motor to assist in your commute. With a 45-minute charge time and 15…

Personal Health Just Became Fashionable

30 April 2013

Whilst technical function is key to the success of a product, too many companies overlook the importance of design. Jawbone has developed human-centered wearable technology for more than a decade and they have shown their understanding of great design coupled with smart technology, bringing ‘UP’ to the shelves. UP is a wristband and smartphone app…

Automatic: The Personal Driving Assistant

26 April 2013

Since watching Knight Rider, i have always been interested in how technology can progress towards intelligent, sociable cars. Whilst we are not exactly there yet, Automatic Labs have provided something that is smart, awesome and affordable. Tackling the problems that people face everyday, Automatic Labs have developed ‘Automatic’, a Personal Assistant to your car through…

Thermometer Designed To Work In A Natural Way

27 March 2013

Someone not feeling well? Don’t sweat it, there is a clever thermometer to help measure your child’s temperature. In a way that feels natural to you. This brilliant thermometer is based on a common and natural behavior of putting your hand on the forehead to measure internal heat of their body. Checking the temperature by…

Beacon – Reinventing the Payphone

09 March 2013

Sometime in 2014, New York City’s agreement with its payphone supplier will expire. Whilst the death of the payphone will be welcomed by many, it has taken up a place on the busy streets of New York for many generations. A design competition has been set up to find a worthy replacement, one that will…

Rip Cord – Tape That Works

08 March 2013

Design is all about solving problems and i think everybody has had the problem of removing tape from packaging. The inventors over at Quirky have come up with a beautiful solution. Boasting the ability to remove tape without knifes or scissors ‘Rip Cord’ is tape but with a unique streak.

Wearable Gesture Controls – MYO

27 February 2013

Motion Technology is certainly being pushed hard with the introduction of Leap Motion last year. This area of technology gives the regular user, an experience like that of Tom Cruise and there is a new addition to this futuristic market. Whilst many other devices use camera based gesture control, Thalmic Labs have offered another solution.

Google Glass: How Does It Feel?

20 February 2013

There has been a lot of hype, good and bad about the Google Glass. What can unanimously be confirmed is that it is a bold effort by Google to change the way we do things. This morning Google released their first practical vision for the long awaited Google Glass. Although there has still be no…

Mobile Pizzeria by Jon Darsky

12 February 2013

Good pizza is certainly hard to come by, Neapolitan pizza is no exception. The highly regulated and precise food is regulated by the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana and dictates the ingredients, size, and even cooking temperature. These regulations didn’t stop Jon Darsky from setting up his very own mobile pizzeria.

Motion Technology In Your Own Hands

25 January 2013

From movies such as Minority Report, the vision for computers has enticed and intrigued us for decades, but ultimately, the reality has fallen short – until now. Motion control startup, Leap Motion, has created a Leap 3D motion control system which can track motion to around 0.01mm accuracy — believed to be 200 times more accurate than…

Big Brand Theory by Ewan Yap

11 January 2013

This fascinating project, brought to us by Ewan Yap, explores how “less is more” within big consumer brands. Ewan created a series of experimental packaging design based on the principle of ‘Big Brand Theory‘.