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Tech That Will Keep Your Home Secure

28 July 2013

Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 18.44.40

Canary, a “digital house sitter” of sorts, is a home security device designed to give you peace-of-mind and relevant information when you aren’t there. The nicely-designed cylinder is packed with a camera, microphone, motion detection, and many other sensors to alert you (via your mobile device) when something is out of the ordinary.

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When you leave your home, you can simply arm Canary with your smartphone, which can then be disarmed through geofencing when you return. This product certainly seems like an all-in-one solution to home monitoring, and is the perfect addition for those looking to make their homes safer, smarter, and more efficient.

The startup’s team looks promising, with the co-founders having extensive security, defense, and design backgrounds. As of this writing, Canary has already raised nearly $750k of its $100k goal on Indiegogo, so it’s safe to say that this project will be a success. It is expected to go on sale in May 2014 for around $200.